The five fundamental digital rights are:

Below are five fundamental digital rights as Todd Weaver Founder and CEO of Purism sees it:

  1. Right to Change Providers

If a person wants to change a service provider, they can easily move to another. (Decentralized Services)

  1. Right to Protect Personal Data

A person owns and controls their own master keys to encrypt all data and communication, nobody else. (User-controlled Encryption)

  1. Right to Verify

Society has the freedom to inspect the source of all software used, and can run it as they wish, for any purpose. (Software Freedom)

  1. Right to be Forgotten

A service provider only stores the minimal personal data necessary to provide the service. Once the data is no longer required, it is deleted. (Minimal Data Retention)

  1. Right to Access

A person must not be discriminated against nor forced to agree to any terms and conditions before accessing a service. (Personal Liberty)

Do check out the rest of the post by Mr. Weaver when you get a chance his recorded presentation can also be viewed at, The Future of Computing and Why You Should Care.

We heavily use and without hesitation can recommend their products, for example, Librem Key protects our SSH access key and encrypts our laptops and email.


Is it fine to debate some of this? Look at the lenses of how society works today.

While yes data privacy is important not for any cost. There are times when the cost outweight the benefits. Should a criminal be able to store and encrypt anything and should not society be able to look into this in a criminal investigation? Just as today we have court orders before someone will invade on your right to privacy but there are situations where it is needed. I am sure you can all figure some examples of this yourself. I strongly believe in such rights to protect personal data. But not at any cost.

I can see similar problems with the right to verify and run any sort of software. Viruses? Hacks? So any software can be run for any purpose? No. That is a recipe for disaster.

Right to be forgotten I agree more with. I think even in case of criminal investigations there are other ways and the potential for misuse is bigger than the benefit of storing data over time. And as it says the minimum data needed.

Right to access I am not sure how you would make in practice. Not forced to agree to any terms and conditions is way too vague. Of course a service provided should be able to ask money for a service provided. But the discrimination part I agree with. Anyone should be able to pay or accept the same conditions for the same service. And the cost of such a stance is far less than the potential benefits.

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It is always fine to debate.

The following actually happened, quite relevant as to how society works.

Today, April 4, 2019, I stopped into a feed, pet supply store. The owner was excited to point out some CBD treats for my dog. My dog is terrified of the city and having a hard time adjusting. The feed store owner remembers that about him, he is a good proprietor, remembering my dog, his fear, and offering potential relief to his customer.

I did not buy any CBD treats ( until later ) as I’m not sure how my dog would handle them. He is just a pup and still developing so I passed. The store owner opened a bag of CBD treats and gave some to take to try out, so I can gauge my pups response to them.

I decided to get a bag of food along with some chews, puppies chew a lot and, because I did not have enough cash had to put it on a credit card.

As he was processing my credit card he quickly had to stop and cancel it, then he proceeded to bring out another payment gateway machine, asked if I could remove my card and place it into the other chip reading machine.

Strange to say the least, so I asked why?

Oh, he said, that payment gateway is for CBD treats only my primary one knows I’m using it, so it’s all good.

I said, what? Your primary credit card gateway will not allow you to process CBD treats for animals? And you had to clear it with them because they could pull, cancel your credit taking ability over the sale of a legal pet treat?

He said, yes. That is why I had to clear it with them first. It took nine months to get this authorized, so now I have two machines.

I asked if he could hold my order for 15 min until I return with cash.

I returned and added some CBD treats and oil for my dog to my bill.

I paid in cash and left, disgusted how society works.

If anyone is in the Seattle Wa area, this is the feed store, stop in and pick up something for your pet, but remember to bring enough cash, no reason to support payment gateways.

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Good points. Society is slow to develop and laws are usually the last to change. But that is not the philosophy behind them who are at fault its the humans implementing the rules. In my country there was a debate on CBD because for some it has a very strong relief effect from medical conditions and one father went to jail just because he tried to do the best he could for his kid. But these things change. Slowly. But they do. In regard to the 5 rules the processing companies should process all transactions. I see no reason why not really.

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I couldn’t agree more with this. I’ll probably be buying a Librem 5 phone when they come out. I am very much looking forward to the next 5 to 10 years as decentralized systems replace centralized ones.

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