The Frankenwallet: User security & privacy platform

The Frankenwallet has been discussed a few times on the Cardano Forum before, mostly by stake pool operators, as a build-it-yourself tool to improve operational security.

Documentation has also existed to build a dedicated, encrypted partition for ordinary users to work more privately and securely with crypto wallets, tools, and data: but to my knowledge so far, nobody but operators have followed this method. I believe this track should be more readily accessible and more widely used by Cardano users who aren’t operators or developers.

My proposal to fund a new & improved release of the Frankenwallet is coming up in Catalyst Fund 11… a great opportunity to open source this educational material & DIY operations tool and turn it into a community-driven project: with a main, measurable goal of making the Frankenwallet more easily understood & built, with more nontechnical applications and easier-to-follow tutorials.

This full review of the Frankenwallet will be interesting to anyone who follows online privacy & security and how these affect their personal use of crypto accounts, wallets, dApps, staking vaults, and the upcoming tools for Cardano governance:

Any user who has installed Linux to dual-boot with a Windows on a PC should be technically qualified to build the Frankenwallet today. Still, the documentation and feature set would benefit from a rigorous review and development process to ensure the standard is as secure and effective as possible, which is our goal for Catalyst Fund 11 by the end of 2024:

The Medium article above will have the answers to many commonly asked questions, and feel free to post any further questions below. :sunglasses: cc @adatainment @johnshearing