The goal is 1 bil users, what market cap than?


I just wonder: Charles said the goal is 1 bil users. Just interesting in what time possible 1bil users for cardano? and what capitalization could be approximatly with 1 bil users?

It depends on multiple variables, impossible to estimate, I think. But 1B users, not investors.

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1b users I think users who are spending ada.

My one of dream is to have ada credit card and buy first bottle of milk in supermarket, I think it possible in next few years


So many payment methods are coming up - i think this is not only possible it is very likely - it is just a matter of time …

I think having a billion user’s using Cardano is short sighted, Newbalance pioneered a real use case that might not reach a billion user’s but offers the world a demonstration of a cheap and easy way to utilize Cardano protocol to confirm a products origin, this appeared to be an easy task for the engineers that acomplished it - will we know how many people utilized the tool? - I can only hope.
If other companies decide to utilize the same style of tracking on the Cardano blockchain than it will easily surpass a billion users imo just takes a little time and genious thinking to make it reality.

tracking origin is technology usage - sure that is a huge problem with trilion loses for famous brands, it will be a great reference for the users to get involved to cardano.

Cardano goal is to gain trust of the world from technology perspective and user cases. not to cause another price bubble