The impact of UTXO distribution

I did a quick search of the forum and did not see this discussed or answered so I apologize if this was answered in an obvious place. As the topic states we are talking about UTXOs. So I read the IOHK help article on this but I have a few questions:

  1. Is there a hard limit on inputs? If so, what is that number?
  2. Can you create a transaction to yourself in the same wallet or do you need to create a secondary wallet for this?
  3. Is there a benefit to consolidating say 1-5 UTXOs together beside getting your money below the input limit?
  4. Are you going to pay double transaction fees to consolidate and then spend?

My thought is that it doesn’t seem to behoove me to consolidate UTXOs unless the quantity of them go over the limit. If you are someone that sells a hot widget for a low ada amount, say 10₳ a piece. You end up with a lot of 10₳ UTXOs that will need to be consolidated regularly to make the money usable.

  1. Is there an effective strategy to keep the transaction fee overhead as low as possible?

Is there a hard limit on inputs?

Yes, there must be at least 1 input :).

If so, what is that number?

The total size of the transaction is also limited, but I do not have any idea how that translates to number of inputs.

Thanks for the response @erikd,

So it’s probably not a hard limit then because it can bank on the upper transaction size limit. Do you have any thoughts on my other questions by chance?

Sorry, I do not have enough info/knowledge to answer the rest :man_shrugging:.