The internet is broken

How Cardano is going to handle the fact that the internet is broken and prevent bgp hijacking?and all sorts of routing attack?D

If the internet is broken, everything on the internet is broken. Fortunately, this does not compromise distributed cryptocurrencies because they are trustless by nature. The compromise of any one node, or a handful of nodes, does nothing to the overall network.

A more realistic threat to the internet is that net neutrality will eventually fall. Once this happens, everything that depends on the internet is at risk for censorship.

We understand not only that the internet is broken (BGP hijacks etc), but also how it is broken. This is why RINA is on the roadmap.

In the shorter-term we are carefully considering the issue of eclipse attacks (where a node gets surrounded by bad actors), issues of ensuring timely progress (i.e sufficient diversity of route choices to ensure transaction rates) as well as application-level and bearer-level denial-of-service attacks.

Cardano, because of its PoS approach, should be a lot less susceptible to several of these attack vectors than PoW systems (like bitcoin).

In keeping with our open development approach, as we’ve fully understood the issues (which in lots of cases is understanding how bad the real world really is!) and decided on our mitigation approaches, we’ll be publicly documenting them.

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