The Memory Market NFT - A Neuralink / Cardano Collaboration?

Hello Cardano community,

I am new to the Cardano forums and would like to pitch an idea. I have also pitched this idea to Neuralink, as it is my belief that a collaboration between the two entities would be the best way to bring this idea to market.

The Memory Market is an online marketplace for people wishing to buy and sell memories. Sellers will be able to have a specific memory digitized and stored as a NFT on the Cardano network. Buyers who have the Neuralink interface will be able to actually experience the memory being sold… eventually.

The fact the technology is not at this point yet, does not prevent the creation of a market today. If a celebrity will agree to the future digitization of any given memory, a token representing that future file could be sold today. Each memory being sold would have a limited supply to increase collectability, which is important given the end experience may take some time to deliver.

Buyers will eventually be able to experience winning the Super Bowl as Tom Brady, riding a 20 foot wave at Pipeline as Kelly Slater, or watching the first successful SpaceX launch as Elon Musk. Until that day comes, there will be more than enough people willing to invest in, collect, and speculate on the future worth of such an experience.

The Memory Market would create revenue through trading fees (when a memory is bought or sold) as well as through fees associated with facilitation of IPO’s of a memory.

So that’s about it. I realise it’s a crazy idea, but I just saw a NBA Top Shot Giannis rookie moment sell for over $100k. What would that same buyer pay to potentially experience that memory rather than just viewing it online? I’m willing to bet a whole lot more.

I think the biggest hurdle would be getting celebrities to agree to selling a memory. Although, I feel someone like Elon Musk may be open to the concept, particularly if it raises additional development funds for Neuralink.

If you made it this far, thanks for reading and I would welcome any constructive criticism.

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I like your thought processes. Check out SingularityNet on Cardano. Ben Goertzel is a huge part of the AGI community, and he just launched a video about that exact topic.

Really cool futuristic application!

Unfortunately, seems like a really high barrier to entry. 1) Neuralink has to be released to public and work as intended, 2) celebrity needs to agree to this (this doesn’t seem like a huge hurdle actually), 3) buyer would need to have Neuralink as well. Lots of things need to happen for this to work, but as you said, there’s no shortage of speculation that could make a project like this succeed.