The Other 3 Billion

Hi - my name is Martin and I live in San Diego, California. I have been following Bitcoin and cryptocurrency since 2010, owned bitcoins, sold them, made some money but never in the last 7 years have I been motivated to invest in a crypto currency project primarily because most if not all of them seemed to be, IMHO, greed driven, too libertarian, anti-government & anarchist in nature, not to mention a copy/paste of each other for the most part. While I’ve always valued privacy/pseudo-anonimity when used appropriately, e.g. to shield people from theft, I resent these same principles when they are being abused for criminal/immoral purposes.

Cardano appears to me to be the first cointech, which in addition to solving all the problems Bitcoin and Ethereum are plagued by, to be concerned with becoming as integrated and assimilated into society as the US dollar is in the United States, the Euro in the EU, Yen in Japan, etc primarily because they are committed to a code of ethics that resonates with ALL people worldwide, PARTICULARLY the other unbanked 3 billion folk. I am glad such rigor is going into doing the formal proofs for the PoS algorithm and am blown away by the accountability and transparency (weekly dev reports!) . It seems the team understands fundamental computer science (demonstrated by the emphasis on FP) like few people who have studied in the field have in addition to a solid understanding of money/currency, and above all human behavior.

In many ways, this project reminds me of O3b Networks - who is committed to providing satellite internet access to the, you guessed it, Other 3 Billion, unserved/underserved areas on the planet.

This motivation, along with the team and the tech is what inspired me to write this on your forum and to commit a small chunk of my own money (and I’m not rich by any stretch of the imagination, just a mere mortal) toward buying ADA and helping this project in any way I can. It is unlike -anything- so far, call it Bitcoin 3.0, although that would be an insult IMHO, or more aptly, 3rd gen crypto currency.

With that long rant, I want to leave you with - it’s yours to lose guys! Stay accountable, transparent, humble above all… and this project will take off in ways that are beyond your wildest imaginations.



Welcome Martin.

Great and inspiring write up, I agree with all your points.



Welcome @MartinMKD and thanks for the terrific post :slight_smile:


Welcome and nice write up!

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Welcome and thank you for your post

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Hi Martin and welcome to the forum and great post by the way

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Welcome Martin :slight_smile:

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Cardano’s reach is akin to SES/O3b, having been in those fly over areas I cannot imagine a world without it, one day I hope to say the same of ADA.

Great post Martin.


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Welcome MartinMKD

Great post! You summed up how I feel about the project better than I could put into words
It truly is a special project.

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Nice to see sharp critics here.

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