The reason why Ada will hit 10,000 $ and much higher

The Rat Terriers of this forum show up everyday and do a great job.

Perhaps others have, but I am not aware of any comment censored because it’s true. Facts are facts, were not a congregation; if you’ve got something to say, say it - otherwise it’s just chum in the water.

The ADA price at the end if 2020 will decide that.

Yes a lot here,l agree

Oh,if u are not aware,it must be correct

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Well nice spike in 48hrs so it’s easily going to get there.:v:

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#Foosergetsit :money_mouth_face:

Reading this 18 months later with ADA at about 8 cents…And what do you think now about your recommendation to people to fill their boots…?


I’m filling mine still

I need bigger boots!

Ssst… This is the Cardano forum. Only pumping is allowed! It’s like Big Brother… You can and will be accused of thought crime at this forum, just by saying that Cardano may not succeed and value will not reach higher and higher highs.

Nobody will flame you for saying ADA will go to ridiculous numbers like 100 USD. But be careful not to state it will go to 0.001. Heresy! :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Are the forum ambassadors a litle toxic to criticism. I mean relax.This project can easyly die without members.If i get a negative “flag” i leave and spread the message about it.
And others the same.We all need patience and stay open to criticism.
This project lags in many aspects.
But lets stand together and go over it.
We may be rewarded.


Hello @Rio_Fonzi,
Sorry you feel that way :neutral_face:. I can assure you Ambassadors aren’t toxic to “constructive criticism.” Many things can be masked as “criticism,” “hate,” “FUD,” “threats,” “insults,” basically lower forms of communication in general. I think we can all tell the difference between “constructive criticism” and what some may deceptively label as “criticism.” Suffice to say the ones that choose the latter will not be given a pass on “this forum.”

Best, Sean


I’ve been reading some of the different forums and the topic lagging/slowness of the project, etc is still popping up. So, here is my reminder. IOHK is building a brand new protocol that is been academically and scientifically vetted and is getting ready to go to mainnet soon - about 2 years time. Anyone who has ever worked on platform/protocol development knows this is fast. Remember, they are building brand new algorithms, new security protocols, new staking paradigms - turning those into code from the ground up.

Let’s put this in the context of Windows. Microsoft started working on a graphical user interface in 1981. The first version of windows (v 1.0) was released in 1985. That was four years of development. Windows version one came out in 1985. It was until Windows 95 did we get a user interface that resembled what we have today. No one remembers versions 1 through 3 because they were so bad - a work in progress. So it took about 14 years to develop Windows to a state that was actually usable and resembles what we have today.

If one goes back and looks at other major software protocols and enterprise software, many had 5, 10 15 years of development. Look at TCP - research started in the 1960s and it wasn’t adopted by the ARPANET in Jan. 1, 1983 - that’s about 20 years.

Remember, Cardano / IOHK is not copying the concepts bitcoin and they are not copying concepts ethereum. They are developing brand new algorithms, brand new protocols, and brand new code. Bitcoin was/is basically a proof of concept for cryptocurrency. Ethereum was/is basically a proof of concept of dapps and smart contracts. Both have major problems when it comes to scalability, security, maintainability and solving real worlds problems. Cardano is being written to solve those problems, provide a platform to solve real-world problems and have a mechanism that will be government-friendly.

When IOHK “flips the switch” and it goes mainnet, do not expect to see a big jump in price (the future complaint of lagging price increase). It is going to take a year or so to build momentum. The second part of the journey for IOHK, EMERGO, and the Foundation will be to build that momentum. Once there is enough body of proof, meaning that developers are writing dapps/smart contracts on an increasing level, once institutional money sees a good history of staking, and once governments and see a level or reporting and transparency in the protocol will we see cardano blossom.

The paradigm of using blockchain is evolving into a practical tool for solving real-world problems. Bitcoin and Ethereum were the first to prove it conceptually. Cardano is being written to be the practical and proven solution of the blockchain paradigm.

So when I see people saying the project is slow / lagging / etc., if you put it into real world context - IOHK is moving at light speed.


I don’t know When the Cardano/ADA Will Hit $10K But it’ll recover soon According to the News ""

It would not be inconceivable to see ADA in mid to high 70 cents after Shelley release. BTC is trading at 50% of ATH and most likely to go up.

Thank you are you a reincarnation of Einstein ? :alien:

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I think you Did a fantastic job! well spoken amigo!

Well said. Thanks for a dose of reality, crypto needs this often. The 2017 bubble was unfortunate in that it brought in so many who could care less about the reality of the (any) project and seek out value. I was brought in personally by the need for decentralized currency and storage of value. Although this is why I stay and hodl in the end (don’t trust fiat), as an engineer I am drawn to the technical depth and rigor displayed by IOHK. It is a beautiful thing to see such a complex creation come to pass so quickly and under such scrutiny. Very impressed by this project above all the others by far.


You’re wrong

He’s not. The fair value of a coin would be calculated as such:
Market cap / Circulating coin supply.

ADA has 25.9 billion coins in supply right now. People who choose to stake their ADA will get 10% more ADA after 1 year.

Assuming nobody stakes their ADA and the circulating supply remains 25.9 billion coins, Cardano’s market cap would need to be $250,000,000,000,000.

Cardano would need a market cap 1491 times greater than BTC!

**Cardano’s market cap would be the total GDP of the US for 11,660 years **

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