The reason why Ada will hit 10,000 $ and much higher


Its worth some more than 1 Trillion though, but yeh it couldn’t be backed unless the dollar was devalued in terms of gold, then it could… also they could just back the base money, M3 includes also includes debt generated through a fractional reserve system… But yeah that would probably require a entire reset… But yeah thats another story…


New to the forum and here are my predictions… ADA will bottom out at about 0.08 usd and long term prediction is 0.4 usd. Sorry but thise who think it will even get to 10.0 usd have been drinking too much cool aid.


I’m pretty conservative on figures and see you are too, however I’m a little more optimistic than your good self. I think you’ve given ADA a real haircut there, let’s hope it goes a little higher.

I think you’re right about $10 though, well maybe it will reach it but it’ll be away off in the future sometime


So ADA hit $ 1.33 three months ago and your long term prediction is $0.40?


Yes, sorry but it was way over inflated at $1.33, as were all cryptocurriencies. I am a fan of blockchain and particularly ADA technology but realistically a good price will be 0.40 imo.


I don’t do predictions personally, I’ll let the market decide what it’s worth :slight_smile:


I see this everywhere. People valuating currencies like companies.

If you take all the USD in the world and make a sum do you think it’s valuated fairly or “worth it”? A currency is only a medium of exchange to which its worth is nothing more than a general consensus.

Hopefully crypto currencies will see real life utilization down the road which is all an ADA holder can hope for as with a fixed supply I believe holders will benefit from basic supply and demand. As this happens I personally believe 40 cents is a very conservative estimate.

If crypto currencies are destined to live side by side with fiat in the future the sky is basically the limit compared to the current rates of crypto.

In regard to the OP all i see is multiplying and dividing with 10x in which i fail to understand the argument of such a prediction.


We’ll probably see 0.4 as well as 5 in the coming years. And we may see 0.08 too. Stating that you expect a definite value at this stage is pure uneducated guesswork.


Me too! I have seen this since 2011 with Bitcoin and it is just the darndest thing, It is easier to put a value to a company as the value is evaluated much differently than crypto currency that is not a company.
I do enjoy seeing the predictions here, and kind of wish there was some more technical evidence behind predictions.


You’re right, it’s wetting your finger and holding it up in the air :grinning:


Human nature and fun to try to mentally time travel.


I can see what you are saying here. (although including Paul Krugman here as a validation makes me cringe) If a consumption tax is deflationary and by that you mean it reduces overall spending on goods & services then it wouldn’t it be a “sustainable” form of taxation to run the gov’t. A land tax would be the only sustainable form however today that is often tied to artificially rising property values with unintended consequences on state budgets/pensions/etc when this contracts…so “sustainability” is partly if not entirely a function of gov’t both federal and local fiscal policy.


thanks for this video. it was a great refresher. kudos. now only if I could access my dae. wallet… lol


Here’s one: SDBullion They will sell gold for BitCoin and USD.


Nope. They dont take the Bitcoin, they only sell for USD. I have already explained how this scheme works.

The only person you can sell your Bitcoin to, is another Bitcoin speculator, these are the only ones who want a Bitcoin. This demand can only exist, as long as the sentiment is that Bitcoin will go up in value - once this sentiment is destroyed, which it will eventually, because it is not sustainable. There will be no demand for Bitcoin. That is why all the focus is continuously raising price targets, early adoption, etc etc. is the main focus - because this is all there is, gotta keep the pump going, once this is gone, Its all over with.

Even Charles says this all the time about other coins, he just forgets, I dont know if intentionally or unintentionally to include Bitcoin in this - This is why he has emphasis on actual use-cases, that creates organic demand. The fact Charles understands that Bitcoin is just a ponzi-scheme, is great for Cardano, cause if he was clueless about this there would be really no chance Cardano could overcome this.

By Charles own words, standard and logic that he applies to other projects he should know that Bitcoin is a ponzi - but he has yet to say this specifically about Bitcoin.

If this is intentionally or he is blinded by Bitcoin bias, is hard to say.


Basically what you are saying is that Bitcoin has extrinsic value, meaning there is really no meaning behind the value of Bitcoin other than the fact the speculators are willing to buy it for what it’s worth at market value. What would you say that drives intrinsic value for ADA? Or any crypto?


Well I am saying it has no intrinsic value… (extrinsic as you say)

and Its not there is no meaning, the meaning is price speculation, there is only demand because they believe they can sell it for higher later - and yes that is what gives it its current market value, this demand. A classic ponzi scheme, with a very good “story” which is why it has fooled so many, and why it can take a long time to deflate and revert to Its intrinsic value of 0 - this can take many years, because there wont be any revelation to the masses, It will come through reality kicking in through the laws of economics. Because despite what many people believe, things are not valued through subjective opinion.

“If people believe it has value, it will have value”

This is not how the world works. Which is exactly why the outcome is predictable, and set in stone, even before it happens.

The current value of Bitcoin is not because people believe it has value, it is originated from the demand of the speculation. This demand gives it a market price. People “actions” of putting up USD to trade for BTC - but the important part is looking at, why people are taking this “action”

ADA as of now is in the same boat, no intrinsic value, Its again the same speculative demand. Now what is being priced in, is potential but currently unrealized value.

If people are using the Cardano blockchain for actual use cases they will need ADA to pay for that usage. Here in comes the intrinsic value, the organic demand. Its like Oil, nobody cares about oil, but we need oil because we need it for use cases, like running our car etc. That is why Oil has intrinsic value… Nobody needs to believe in Oil. Even if everyone believed it should be priced at 1$ or a 1000$, it wouldn’t matter. Because that is not how things are priced, but upon supply and demand of the markets which are real human actions not thoughts or beliefs (that represents human behavior, as well as limits of physical and economic economic laws of the real world)

This is why if ADA has organic demand, it will have intrinsic value, and when it does, you can build monetary value upon it. But it has to be a commodity first, and money after.

This is where ADA sets apart from Bitcoin, it actually has potential to gain intrinsic value, where Bitcoin in Its current form, doesnt. Because a Bitcoin cant be used for anything - nobody needs bitcoin - taking advantage of Its current liquidity to transfer value, is not a use-case. Any liquid instrument or Cryptocurrency, can be used for this.

If there was ONLY Bitcoin, and it wasnt open source, and there was no other digital currency, yes it could actually work in theory - because there could be intrinsic value for use-cases of a digital currency, and if Bitcoin was THE ONLY currency you could use, then that would be something unique and proprietary about it.

Similar to like a Element in the periodic table.

So there is a half-truth to the Bitcoin story, and because most people dont even know how our current monetary system works (even though they think they do) they also dont understand why Bitcoin cant work.

Anyone who says the Dollar is backed by faith, or belief, has absolutely no clue.

It is this faulty belief that has tricked many libertarians and others to believe that if the Dollar can be backed by faith (which it isnt) Bitcoin can too… Or if Gold can be backed by faith (which it isnt) Bitcoin can too.

and no, It is not that people will come to the right conclusion or truth about this that will change this, it will be the law of economics, because again, as Ive mentioned, what people believe doesn’t matter at all. The law of economics always prevails.


I would argue on some of your points, but to make it happen, we should agree on the basic definitions and terminologies, some examples:

  • Definition of money
  • Forms of money
  • Functions of money
  • Types of money
  • Definition fo fiduciary money
  • Definition of Monetary economics
  • Role of money in Monetary economics
  • Definition of Fiat money
  • Role of Fiat money
  • Definition of debt (related to Fiat money)
  • Definition of legal tender
  • Definition of currency
  • Definition of intrinsic value
  • Definition of extrinsic value
  • Definition of value
  • Definition of market
  • Type of markets
  • Scope of market mechanics
  • Definition of ponzi scheme

Too many, so I will postpone this for some time (maybe years).:slight_smile:


I would like to add to that with cryptos developed the way that they are, are they defined as currency or commodities? We can argue all that we like, but until the governments clearly define what they are, there’s not too much we can do.


Do not get confused w/ the fiat (a classification of money that has value only by government order). Money by definition, in general, was independent of any instutitions (governments, banks).

Also, it does not matter whether it’s currency (money in circulation, usually bank notes or coins) or commodity money (they are just two classifications of the money), cos it’s still money.