The reason why Ada will hit 10,000 $ and much higher

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Token burning for the sake of increasing the price is never as good as a increased value due to global adoption, usage or growth and use case of the Cardano Protocol, Ecosystem, and Community.


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HAHAHA I thought the same!

Long time lurker on this post, decided to register just to say ADA is on its way to 10K (pennies)

:o inside trading is against law gentleman! be wise about your next choice of words on posting! you have been warned! vanishes in smoke

For short term predictions I agree that the comparison with BTC is a sensible one. It does however only take rarity into account on value predictions. Ethereum never provided much utility beyond a token of exchange, so there the comparison is valid as well. But why would the value of ADA be capped by such logic if and when it provides utility as a scaleable smart contract platform? I’m really curious what the thinking there would be?

Utilities means, native tokens used by everyday ppl through smart contracts.
ADA (lovelaces) behaves like gas in Ethereum as every transactions (minting, script validating, normal etc.) need native lovelace to proceed, that means demand for ADA will be increased therefore…


If you have demand and shortage of supply then the price can go wherever. That’s as simple as it gets.

if a trader sold 1ada right now for $100 what would our market cap be?

Now what is keeping it from being sold at $100? We know you can get it for $1.00. But what is keeping it from being $100.00?

DING!!! No SCARCITY!!! To many coins on the market right?

Now let’s go over some numbers.
1.A little over 31 billion Ada has been bought.

  1. Over 22 billion are off market and being staked.

  2. Which leaves about 9 billion or so in actual circulation.

  3. There is 45 billion coins in total I believe and that’s going to be all bought up soon.

So when everyone is staking and there are no more coins to buy and demand is high but supply is low (scarcity)… What do you think is going to happen to the price???

You can sell Ada for 100 dollars right now and the market cap will change wether you believe in a crazy trillion market cap or not. Market cap does not matter. SUPPLY & DEMAND DOES.


Apple is a trillion dollar company and it took them 42 years to reach it.

Bitcoin did it in 12 years or so. Using apple as a reference does not make sense here only in a case to see that we are on a different playing field.

Market cap depends on price not price depends on market cap.

And price depends on supply & demand

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Cardano, ADA, is not a company like Apple, IOHK is a complany for example.
So there is no comparison between an Apple and marketcap of ADA.

Gold for example has market cap of almost 11 trillion.

PS. I also don’t think 100,- will be realistic for the comming years :joy:

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I can’t tell if you are replying to me or not but if so I think you missed everything I said.

Honestly speaking, I don’t believe in all this mathematical calculation, team and etc. What I do believe is the ecosystem growing. With a growing developer community, good developer tools, and new projects. Eventually, the price will come after that. The rest are all bullshit. Nfa. :grin:

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I’m going to jump in here just for fun…
As fiat currency depreciates and slowly dies, by inflation, crypto will continue to grow and overthrow… as A.I. advances and nation states adopt a global Cardano based system of governance, just to stay relevant, the “price” of ada could certainly pass by 10,000 $ at some point in the next 5-10 years. Or maybe it takes 50 years. But it will happen eventually. No, I don’t expect it to happen this year, or next year, but eventually… When we are talking about exponentially changing technology in global scale emerging markets… things will appear dreadfully slow at first, than suddenly happen faster than most people expect. What is the global economy going to me measured in when we are a multi planet species?

Elon replied to you : for interplanetary paiement it will be DOGE not ADA, space conquest will not have impact on ADA.
For ADA 9$ if it replaces all fiat for daily paiement is reasonable.
DOT will come in play too to interoperate transfers between blockchains

The problem is that we have too much blockchain projects all claiming to be the best and change the world. A thermal winter is coming for the crypto in the next 2 years and only the ones with real use cases will survive.

No need of 8500 crypto. Only 2 or 3 :slight_smile:

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Who tha f*** cares about what the rocketeer says?

I guess the billions who live in THIS planet are more concerned of having means to put food on their planetary table, rather than in the others.

Every blockchain has a use case, the projects born in them not so much, thats all.


It might happen faster than we all think if the central banks keep printing money.

Or it might happen slower because of that. Goverments will want to oppress systems that they have no control over, especially when they’re direct competitors. Decentralization will need to prove itself in business use-cases before it will be accepted as a part of our governance systems.

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The unique reason why Cardano can and its very possible that will reach 10k is Staking.

If you want to earn money with crypto like BTC or ETH only have two options, buy (long/short or hold) or mine.

BTC it’s only like to gold. Too much buyers saving her money in a limitate resource.

ETH provides an ecosystem to companies to make contracts on Blockchain, but until the next upgrade limited because ETH developers never think that the project growth how in this months everybody seens.

ADA it’s a crypto that’s supply (in mind) less market fluctuation and more transactions per minute. Decreasing the cost of transaction and generating greater agreement whit coin.

But only theory or not the complete realty.

If you can mine only buying 1 ETH and win 1% a month for your Staking… You will buy a GPU for 1200 for mine only 0.01ETH?

If companies use Cardano (ever more cheaper than ETH to sign in Blockchain) may cardano value reach 10k. But not in 2 o 3 years of course.

It’s necessary to create first and companies digitalization, but when that happens… 10k that will be little prediction.

But not in short time. Sure

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