The reasoon why Ada will hit 10,000 $ and much higher


This is awsome! Thank for sharing :slight_smile:


I feel the same way.
I thank the people in this community for sharing their intellectual opinions.
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From the way I understand it, we will need all the coins Charles designed into the system for the large amount of world utilization that will happen as time goes on.


Market Cap has nothing to do with value and demand - just look at Bitcoin. The demand went to $20000 to currently around $6000 - which had nothing to do with Market Cap. And by way, Bitcoin still has reached its total limit of coins yet - and who knows where its going to end. Remember Cardano is a smart contract platform not a “virtual fiat” system. The value is the quality of the smart contracts it will produce and the real world problems it will solve. Also, if one is designing a system that will be utilized for decades, then you need a lot of potential block / cryptos.


This chart may look interesting, it might be misleading. Remember, a person can have multiple wallets and use multiple addresses.


I only wish 1 ADA = 100$ in three years.


this is all crap! dont be naive fools 30 USD max.


I would be happy with 30.usd ! Even if that takes a few years. Anyone buying in now around .11usd would make a nice profit.


Who wouldn’t, abort half the people on that chart right there would become millionaires at 30.usd…


3cents by end of 2018


After rise & fall of all crypto currencies, I think there is future for Cardano. Take a look at this article that gives great opinion why you should invest in Cardano nowadays.


It will 0.01 bitcoin down ada down


It’s time to believe!


Tim Draper predicts an 80T crypto market cap in 15 years. ADA aims to banked the unbanked and are making strides in Ethiopian agri technology. There’s a video with Jeremy Wood where he discusses CH ability to create friendships/partnerships. Everything the Cardano team has promised, they’ve delivered, in one way or other. The 1T evaluation is conservative IMO


80T is insanity in today’s inflation adjusted value

Unless you are including assets that are using blockchain as a vehicle. but then again, it isnt crypto but the asset that holds the value.


What’s recorded is measurable today. If I’m understanding correct, 3 billion people/businesses are to come online who have never been, over a longer arch of time. Surely, the sum value of which should have a major impact on the Cardano market cap.



I would argue that crypto itself does have intrinsic value beyond what other tangible assets might be represented by the crypto ( like in a smart contract ). What is the intrinsic value of using VISA or MasterCard’s business to a merchant? They pay fees to allow their customers to use a convenient electronic payment method through a trusted intermediary. The card companies charge this fee to process the transaction. The interest and fees they may collect from the purchaser are a different business function of lending and managing risk. These lending and risk management functions are not precluded from being utilized by cryptos any more than they are by the conventional banking business of credit card companies. Cryptos can electronically exchange value without trust required between the sender and recipient. That has has much and under the right circumstances more value to both parties than the purchaser to card company to merchant exchange method which accounts for trillions of dollars of value every year. But as in most things there are tradeoffs.