The rumour is

The rumours is that Microsoft will create a decentralised identity log in system like the centralised Google and Facebook username and passwords ones but make it on a block chain, which will sign up a massive amount of people as it will be the safest password system which all websites will encourage, it may be linked to skype somehow and it may also open every user to a new crypto market place by default. Hence making crypto something everyone has easily available to them and blowing open the world of crypto to the masses. Possible with a new micro payment system to boot.

interesting rumor where did you hear that rumor ? can you elaborate with a link or was it some guy in a bar telling you ?

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I like the passport on a block chain idea. Maybe you read the ‘opensesame’ sentence to your phone as Skype scans your face and voice and compares to recent records and boom, the end of passwords.

The end of weird crypto addresses perhaps too, the block chain could ensure there is only one Mr Ben, at 54 festive Road, London N102DS …

… and whilst you are already on the block chain, would you like to send your friend some Ada for his birthday?

I think it’s very bullish for ADA if they are going down the block chain road and not any of the newer unproven systems.

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Nothing specific to Ada then, just expecting a boost in cryto$ overall on the news?

Yeah nothing specific but if everyone has a passport on a block chain one day, championed by Bill Gates who is a modest bit coin fan, we may well see the total market cap of the industry quite a bit bigger than it is now.

Here’s one of the teams linked in page …

Could be them using Tierion:

If its from microsoft probably permissioned blockchain… Err not interesting