This guy called it 3 weeks ago

Very educational…


Unless the world does away with leveraged trades, longs and shorts and moves to simply buy something or sell it, this type of manipulation is unavoidable.


astonishing accurate movements, yet say 1 of 10k analyst (who are constantly giving advice on twitter/youtube/tradingview) is always accurate. but you never know which one it will be. IF its really played like this pattern you can GO in with a big SHORT and make heaps of money.

But i tell you, the past doesnt predict future. A textbook doesnt predict a new asset class. Old institutions doesnt act exactly the same a new institutions. All market participants want to make money, thats the only sure thing.

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I would be interested in his other calls to see if there is anything here, anyone can be right now or twice?

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He’s very good and informative.

Yes, not with the same probability though :no_mouth: