Thoughts on CCVault Wallet

I have been experiencing frustrating problems with Yoroi recently (extremely slow syncing and execution of transfers of assets), and today I experimented with CCVault Wallet on the website and their browser extension. I am fairly new to the crypto space and have already lost assets due to a malicious actor. So, I am nervous when it comes to trying new things. The experience I had with CCVault was great. I was able to send assets quickly and the syncing was also quick. I might make it my go-to wallet. What have other’s experiences with CCVault Wallet been? Has anyone connected a Ledger or Trezor to it yet?

ccvault is a great light wallet like, etc
You can follow them on twitter for updates/news

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I have connected a Ledger Nano S to ccVault (in the Chrome extension version as well as the Firefox browser version).

It’s a great wallet app, especially if you know some of the technical background. It shows you everything, the derivation path of every key, the metadata of every asset, …

If you use a hardware wallet, it’s very secure, anyway. Even if the wallet app was malicious, it would have to trick you into confirming something very wrong on the USB device. The hardware wallet always shows, from where to where a transaction will go and asks for confirmation. No malicious wallet app could circumvent that.

But personally, I would trust ccVault even with a seed phrase. Everything seems very legitimate. Nobody here ever reported any problems. Your barrier might be higher, though.

But as said, in a combination of low stakes with seed phrase, high stakes with Ledger/Trezor, you can use third-party wallets without too many worries.

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Thanks for the information. I have a question…if I want to move my Yoroi wallet to CCvualt but I am staking in Yoroi right now, do I need to withdraw the rewards before move the wallet from Yoroi to CCvualt?

You are not moving to another wallet and not staking in Yoroi.

If you give your seed phrase (or connect your hardware wallet) to another wallet app, both are controlling the same wallet. The content of the wallet (and the information about staking) are on the blockchain and can be viewed and changed by all wallet apps that have your secrets at the same time.

You can use ccvault and Yoroi in parallel without problems. You should just not use the multiple account feature of ccvault, then, because Yoroi can only see and use the first one (account 0).

All this means: No need to withdraw rewards or even do any transaction.

So I’m in a similar situation as the original poster of this question. My Yoroi wallet is connected via chrome extension to my Ledger and it too had horrible service. If I understand you correctly I could download ccvault chrome extension and use my Yoroi seed and it’ll work fine? No need to redelegate to my pool either? That’s all stored in the data with my seed?


Yes, downlod the wallet and connect the ledger (u don’t need to write any seed words)… and u will see same wallet as yoroi… same delegation, etc


Yes, but if you have a Ledger, just connect the Ledger.

No need to give the seed. The Ledger replaces the seed. (And the seed of the Ledger itself should only be given on the Ledger, never in a wallet app.)

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