Three advanced technical questions

I’ve not found anyone with solid answers on these. So wanted to present them here for feedback.

  1. Does your relays have to have inbound connections for your BPN to mint a block? I’m trying to build a resilience strategy. And a backup internet connection would change the public IP Address. So the Relays would be able to reach the internet, but other relays wouldnt find them at the new address, and they would not have inbound connections.

  2. Can you have to active/active BPN’s using the same set of keys? Great that we resolve the resiliency of relays (whether it being backup internet, or several dispersed around the globe), but does the BPN become the single point of failure. I would think you could run two, and whichever gets tot he block first would mint it. But again, this is unconfirmed.

  3. I cannot get CNCLI to give me a leaderlog on either of my testnet pools. I have it in sync with the testnet database. But anytime I try to pull a leaderlog, I get “EOF while parsing a value at line 1 column 0”. Any ideas here?