Tip of the day: One liners that matters:



A new post of one liners that will help us grow as individuals :slight_smile:

Broke: Shilling

Woke: Shelleying


Its better to have 2.ADA in your wallet than 1.ADA.


Keep your wallet password seeds offline and secure. Not even your mother can help you if you loose them.


Transfer your exchange funds to your personal wallets immediately. Resist and a random 13 yr.old brainchild half way around the world controls your personal wealth.


Three wallets are now available for Cardano.

  1. Daedalus
  2. Yoroi / a chrome extention light client by Emurgo
  3. InfinitoWallet. Third party wallet. (ADA support)


The “Rustilution” is upon us. Play, enjoy and get ready for contribution in the future: https://cardanorust.iohkdev.io/


4,5 Million Ada sell-wall on Bittrex today oct.4 2018 at 1250 satoshi.


New Cardano usecase in Indonesia, 4th. most populated country in the world with 261 million people.

Hero Group:



Strange that all the critics came out publicly and simultaneously with announcements at the same time and date.
Exciting to see who is selfproclaming the title of:

“The Guardians of the Guardians of Cardano”



Transparency is the key to success.

Please decline to contribute in this forums closed of Lounge concept.

Its a disgrace to the concept of equality in Cardano


Link to Dividend Arbitrage scam in Europe.


For each day that passes by, new smart people enters the blockchain space.They are ready to contribute.


New Yoroi release today. v.1.0.4.


Big movements in the Binance wallets the last couple of days.

link from https://adascan.net/rich-list/


Plutusfest live on youtube : https://youtu.be/V8QXq0Jrgow