Tips on moving from VPS to physical servers

Hi all!

I am hoping to get some tips and tricks on how to move from a VPS hosted staking pool, to a physical hardware server?

I understand that I just need to copy my keys from the Block Producer to the node setup on the physical server, and re-submit a pool cert with my new relay nodes IP. Am I missing anything here?

Thanks in advance!

  1. install the new hardware/node
  2. for a faster sync you can copy also the DB folder from VPS to physical server
  3. copy all wallet/pool files from VPS server to physical server
  4. send a new registration with the new relay IP address (only if the Relay IP will change)
  5. stop the VPS node and start the physical server as a Producer



Thank you for the prompt reply!

Any tips on specific hardware requirements.

We are hoping to move to consumer grade hardware namely

Intel i5 11400
16GB DDR4 2666mhz RAM in dual channel
1TB of NVME storage

This will be paired with an internet connection capable of 500mbps download speeds.

Thanks again!

should be enough, also add 4-8G SWAP file and you should not have issues (for Producer). For Relay 16G should be more than enough

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Thanks again! Appreciate the help!

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Hi again, as we are planning to do the transition soon. Could I trouble you for a checklist of files that I must transfer?

thanks in advance.

yes, of course do you have an airgap machine or not?

Yes, we currently are running on a VPS, and are trying to transition to physical machines. We do have an air gap cold machine.