Tips other than Cardano

I think I’ve discovered another coin other than Cardano that might be worth a bomb in a few years also. Is it ok to share here? This isn’t a shill as a genuine realisation / find that this coin is a must hold.

Is it ok to share mods ?

Like we speak about many other cryptos, I am wondering why shouldn’t you be allowed to post your idea :wink:

Not sure of the rules but the post can always be deleted …

So after quite bit of research I really can’t see reason why the BNB coin by binance won’t eventually be worth a fortune.

  1. The coin ensures binance customers enjoy large discounts for five years starting at 50% for the first year so very useful.
  2. The coin is deflationary as binance burns a large amount of coins every few months until half have been burnt.
  3. There is no competition because no other coin can compete on binance by offering a discount.
  4. Binance is signing up 240k new customer an hour on some good hours.
  5. If binance represents the casino and the ‘house always wins’ - buying a slice of the biggest casino of the new global economic paradigm, has got to be sensible move.
  6. BNB can be used to trade in your dust (fractional coins too small to trade anywhere else.
  7. BNB enjoys one of the largest growing communities of supporters …

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true, agreed

but…what if binance gets hacked? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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You can move the coins into a wallet and therefore the risk is just the same to any other coin.

I am referring that the coin will lose its value…

All the coins lose value if binance gets hacked.

yea…more or less…

Maybe a bigger risk is that cardono et al kill the need for an exchange at all. However I see this as a great play for the next 18 months at least.

Also it’s a great hedge, as people need to sell in vast quantities, they want to utilise the big discount so they need to buy the coin.

Great point with BNB.

I was also thinking about buying bnb since I trade in Binance. However, since I am relatively new in Binance, I am still testing whether it is safe on the long run.

Aliensheep has a point. It is not far from reality that someday these sites could get hacked. The head of binance himself said, they are short on customer service and they are currently improving the network to support the demand. That gives a little reflection on how busy they are. Last month a mining pool, nicehash was hacked.

So bnb could be a good coin to hold for a long run given that the site is super secured.

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I’m not going to disagree with you, but have you also researched KuCoin and bitshares, and other decentralized exchanges?

A huge part of what makes crypto smart contracts valuable is the ability to cut out the middle man. Why should centralized exchanges be an exception to this?

I do think bnb is going to go up in the short term (my Cindicator CND bot told me so)
But I also think other solutions will replace binance in the long term. 2+years (they can also be shut down by government)

is bnb real crypto coin? or just a number?

It’s an Erc20 token created from etherium i think. Apparently the future plan is that this coin will be the gas behind a decentralised future binance also.

So their whole business model is to ensure that the coin becomes king as they will eventually move away from accepting a cut of other coins at all.

is that the CINDICATOR App ?

Question So who has the most secure wallet / site to purchase or trade

Where and with who should One dump or trade crypto

Can you buy on binance or just trade do you guys use and trust BNC ?

Let’s hear it… :wink: