TOC Feature: Table of Contents for longer posts

We have a new Feature in our Forum called the Table of Contents (TOC) feature that automatically generates a table of contents for longer posts on the our platform. It uses markdown headers to create a list of clickable links to sections within a post.

The feature is designed to make it easier for readers to navigate through lengthy posts, and for authors to structure their content better.


toc = table of contents

  • Automatically generates the entire toc via a button in the composer gear menu
  • The toc will always be on the screen - scrolls with content like the topic progress widget
  • As you scroll past sections in the topic, the active element in the table of contents will be set to active (blue highlight)
  • adds id attributes to headings (you can link to a specific section from another topic / post)
  • clicking on any link in the toc will instruct the browser to navigate to relevant section (smooth-scrolling)
  • adds a copy-able link next to each heading (if you want to link to it)

How does it work?

# heading 1

## heading 2

### heading 3

#### heading 4

##### heading 5

###### heading 6

How to activate the Feature?

This is the text that shows up in the composer preview to indicate that the a toc will be generated for the topic

An example of how this will appear in an article can be seen here: