Today has been brutal, but if you can spare a couple of minutes here is a conservation project in Cardano that you might like

Before anything, I hope that you are not stressing too much about the rollercoaster we have been on for the last couple of days and I feel for you if you have lost money, just try to put this dip into perspective and remember the core values, strong community and the technology that Cardano is built upon.

My name is Mario and a couple of days ago I launched the Cardano Llamas CNFT Project to fund the historical documentation of 10 at risk glacier bases along the Cordillera Real in Bolivia.

Since the mid-1980’s, our glaciers have shrunk by 43%.

In Bolivia and the rest of the Andes, glaciers are not only the source of our water and electricity, but also how local indigenous communities define meaning and commune with their ancestors.

Sadly there is very little we can do to stop the unrelenting effects of global warming on the Andes, but we can still leave something behind for future generations.

In the first edition of the project, 250 CNFT’s were minted in two parts: 225 Cardano Llamas #001’s and 25 Cardano Llamas #001 Rare’s. The rarity of the 25 CNFT’s is not only a graphical trait but an encrypted SHA-512 easter egg in the corresponding IPFS file.

Make sure to check how the easter works by clicking the Description link in the record for each token:

Cardano Llama #001 - Rare

Cardano Llama #001

The sale will be live on Thursday 24th @ 22:00 UTC, please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions.

Thank you for stopping and looking at the project!


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