Tokenizing Virtual Wild Bison : An NFT Trading Game Proposal

I have been encouraged to submit my GPS geolocation Augmented Reality mobile game proposal for the F5 funding round. The proposal is to fund development by tokenizing, via Cardano NFTs, the “assets”, which happen to be 3D animated bison: calves, yearlings, cows and bulls. I have written a white paper. As will be obvious from the paper, I am still very new to the cryptocurrency universe, so feedback will be much appreciated: bmoore(at)


Seems like an interesting idea!
Who do you think your target audience will be? I’m not from North America so I’m not initially enticed by the idea of bison herding, but then again I’m probably not your target market. If you were interested in an audience outside of North America, expanding the project to include other endangered animals could be a nice opportunity.
I’m looking forward to following your progress, good luck!

With respect to activities outside of North American, actually, I see this project as being a sort of test-bed for a wider “audience” of both people and endangered species… Africa elephants being the next possibility, though the NFT aspects are not entirely clear to me at this point. Bison in North America are treated notionally as wildlife but commerical livestock legally. Enthusiasts (including Charles Hoskinson) are raise to help conserve the species and as a commodity to afford to take care of them. Not sure that criteria can be applied to elephants: needs for reflection and information.

Certainly would love to have project participating outside of North America, after all, during the Pleistocene bison and their distant kind roamed from Europe across Siberia and into North America. You might want to check out the “Pleistocene Park” video here: The Plan to Revive the Mammoth Steppe to Fight Climate Change - YouTube

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Pleased to report that our digital ‘Alpha’ bison herd has increased by six new-born virtual calves over the last several weeks: four females and two males bringing total herd to 31. These “births” are the result of computer algorithm that seeks to mirror real life bison. The male calf “born” this morning weights 56 lbs. The gender algorithm is completely random. Also this past Saturday, I and two associates visited the site of the 1872 “Royal Bison Hunt” that brought together Lakota, US Cavalry, a Russian Grand Duke, and Bill Cody and George Custer. Check out the photos and 360degree drone panorama of the camp site in Hayes County, NE. CAMP1872 Xperience: Project Photos