Topology valency and DNS

I’m curious how port 3001 is allocated, because it seems like it is becoming blocked/saturated and causing connections to drop.

Are many connections multiplexed over it, or can it only maintain one connection at a time? How does this relate to valency?

I’ve setup my relays behind a single DNS entry, but my block producer only seems to establish a single connection according to gLiveView. The logs show connections being dropped and restarted continually.

I’m running within k8s as well.


If u have only one registration for all ur relays then u should modify the valency number… valency: x where x is the number of ur relays


I got it working. My issue was I was presenting my relays behind a load balancer instead of a single DNS record with multiple nodes behind it. Once I switched it all my nodes hooked up to the producer correctly.

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@Bruce_Lee_Harrison this is using Helm on Kubernetes, right? You are a hero :blush: