TPraosCannotForgeKeyNotUsableYet - how to fix?



The KES key in our operational certificate can’t be used because the current (wall clock) period is before the start period of the key. current KES period.

Have I updated my KES too soon? (it had more than a month left on it, i usually do it after 2 months and not had any issues before?)

running 1.24.2 and rotates KES using the latest CNTOOLs

Hello @ADA_Farm you withdrew the post but it looked very interesting. I suppose you solved the problem yourself. But of course for the value of the forum it would be nice if you wrote the answer here instead deleting the thread to help others with the same problem. Thanks!


I think rather than a bug in cntools, it’s something to do with my set up and cntools not being able to calculate the current kes period. it had it set at 804, when i re ran it it went to 805

I ran a manual kes and gliveview shows current kes correct at 150,

Next slot minted with no issues!

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Just to paste what was mentioned on telegram, cntools will only be able to calculate the data based on input you provide. When a wrong kes start is seen, most of the times we’ve seen users using a custom or alternate network configs for CNTools while using another one for node instance.

This is what i’m going to try and figure out. when i open cntools it tells me my kes has expired a long time ago, even when it’s current so I’ve got a file path wrong somewhere and it’s not picking it up.

But it’s weird how it’s calculating the kes period as 804 rather than 150. So maybe it cant get on the socket to check the tip.

the node is working perfectly now despite having a couple of issues to iron out on cntools. (not a priority, just nice to have is how i think Charles would describe it :slight_smile: )

Thank you for everyone’s advice! great community spirit as always