Traffic on the Cardano Network

Where can I find information on the amount of traffic currently on the Cardano network. For example, how many GBs of data are being transferred over the network in a day/month/etc?

I didn’t know the answer so I asked Siri…

But then I remembered you could just go to where you can find tx and size separately. Multiplying those two should give you a rough estimate.


:grinning::clap:t2: very good, made me laugh

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But seriously guys. Any idea where I can find stats on Cardano’s traffic and other network operations?

You have some charts here:

Thanks Gabor.

I’m aware of that site. is another useful one.

I’m looking for a few more options to see if the information I need is available.

I remember Charles mentioning in the last AMA that they are planning to give monthly updates on the chain statistics (maybe a live dashboard even) he asked the community to give them ideas on what KPIs they are interested in. I recommend you reach out to them and give a list of what you need.

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Hi there

I can share what I see on my own explorer node running

this graph shows incoming (blue) and outgoing (green) traffic over time

or in values

Note: this is gross traffic including protocol overhead

Hope this helps


Is that Cacti or some other front end for RRDtool?

yes PRTG (Paessler)

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There isn’t!
I was trying to find the same information of how many users/day not just for cardano but other projects … found nothing that could make you draw any conclusions

Thanks Werkof!

The stats you posted in values are very useful, especially since they include the protocol overhead. I’m wondering, what is the timeframe for those values? E.g. 11,435 KBytes per…?

Hi, sorry missed that the screenshots does not contain a clear intervall value.
This are 48 values in a 4h range. So 5minute steps and averages.
May keep in mind that one IOHK team started 3-4 weeks ago their work on an improved inter-node protocol and communication.
But it’s work in progress, so don’t expect clear doc and values at this stage