Transaction confirmation time w/ Shelley?

Hi, curious what the transaction confirmation time is with Shelley - I found this article from a couple months ago, but it just says “*Note that the number of confirmations for each confirmation status will change with Shelley. They will no longer be static and they will be hard to calculate.”

Wondering if there’s any new content on the transaction confirmation time with Shelley out. Also on the general praos parameters being used, I’ve found epoch time and slot time but would be awesome if the other parameters were in one place.


You can query protocol parameters by cardano-cli shelley query protocol-parameters --mainnet assuming you’re running cardano-node.

The transaction confirmation is dynamic where the average slot intervals between blocks is 20 (can be 1,can be 40 ) - where slot duration is 1 second. Ofcourse this is for 1 confirmation, and assurance increases with every new block made.

You can look up one of the explorers to see this in action.

Thanks! Very helpful re parameters.

Re the confirmation part, how many confirmations should one wait for? The suggestion is 15 for “strict” “high assurance” in the (now outdated) link I sent, is there a resource on how long now under Shelley? Specifically wondering to get bitcoin-level assurance (the classic 1 hour / 6 block, for 99.9% assurance under a 10% adversary)