Transaction confirmations in Cardano demo cluster?

Hi there.

I’ve launched my own cardano demo cluster to test interaction with cardano API.

Here what I did:
git clone
cd cardano-sl
git checkout tags/1.3.0
nix-build -A demoCluster -o launch_demo_cluster

Everything is ok, I can access rest API. But after I send a transaction it never gets confirmed. I can see it in the response of /api/v1/transactions, but attribute “confirmations” is always 0.

Why this happens? And what should I do to fix this?

You signed and sent the transaction - what transaction ID (hash) did it give you?

The most recent transaction hash is 88beaa567e3a59b00537d534d40298e1d4102a89c17dbf5d67bb553e9d9377f7

Also, some transaction’s status looks like this:

“status”: {
“tag”: “applying”,
“data”: {}

And other are:

“status”: {
“tag”: “inNewestBlocks”,
“data”: {}

I think the reason is that new blocks aren’t generated constantly. Am I right? If so, should I generate new block manually? How?

Oh you are on testnet. yea, i don’t think there is even a proper testnet for this - just for smart contracts, ie. the two VMs… I might be wrong… perhaps someone else will answer.

I launch my own private testnet. I follow instructions from this page.

anyway, thank you for your reply.

I’ll try to fix this experimenting with configuration.

sorry buddy. There are some more details here:

I’ve already read this manual :slight_smile:

Also I noticed strange behavior of my private blockchain. Since launch blockchain height increases to some value (usually 30-70). Then it suddenly stops increasing.

So when I send transactions right after launch they get confirmed.
But if I send transactions after blockchain stops generating new blocks then transaction stay unconfirmed.

It seems you found your issue. :sunglasses:

Yeah, I found the reason why transactions are unconfirmed. But I still haven’t solved the problem :frowning:

Without knowing your infrastructure, I’m not sure I can help.

We have multiple deploys running without a hitch, using LXC for internal testing running on ZFS filesystem for instant live backups. Perhaps you might want to run the same.

Hi in this website The testnet faucet will dispense a random amount in the range of 500 to 1500 Ada. which website I can get ada? thanks.

Hey hungl,
I actually have the same problem as you, the demo-cluster only evolves up until 10-15 blocks and then stopps creating new blocks. So I wanted to ask you whether you already could solve the issue?

thanks and BR :wink: