Transaction stays at 0 confirmations

Hi Cardano developers,

We’re facing a huge problem.

We execute a lot of Cardano transactions. A small percentage of the transactions don’t get confirmed somehow; the API call curl -X GET http://localhost:8100/api/txs/summary/46a9ffb304a767e14509c8cf2981003b393b80fde71c60f59af91ca99axxxada | jq . gives the response:

  "data": [
      "id": "46a9ffb304a767e14509c8cf2981003b393b80fde71c60f59af91ca99axxxada",
      "confirmations": 0,
      "amount": xxx,

We have enough funds and pay enough fee. How could this happen? And is there a way to cancel the transaction and recreate it?

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Checked the issue on telegram tech support group

Over a period, few transactions from their node were not applied to chain and eventually resulted in status of wontApply.

To resolve, the events and latest checkpoint log was cleared from Wallet-1.0-acid folder and node was started again.


Yes. Thanks for the support!

We will monitor new transactions and let u know whether the issue has been resolved or not.