Transaction still waiting to confirm

Hi I tried to trasfer ada to my lbank wallet
And it still hasn’t been transferred it has been 6 days .
How can I track it down?
L bank sent me a msg that they are waiting for block height to confirm synchronisation?

From where to where are you trying to transfer your ADA?

From coinspot wallet to lbank wallet

I dont know either of those 2 but you probably should get in contact with both of those supports.

Ok lbank support told me I had to wait for block height confirmation
This is my to hash

They told you that they are waiting for a seven day old transaction that already has 29000 confirmations?

That’s … strange.

I thought so ?? Not sure what do ?? Any where I can report them so no one else will lose there ada?

Reviews say that is not a total scam and has been there since 2016. Perhaps, they will finally settle that.

You could leave some reviews about their less than optimal speed and customer service on relevant websites.

Wish you good luck that this will turn out well!

Ok I’ll try that thanks