Transaction types


I got the following transaction types involved in Cardano (checked with rosetta-apis)

  1. input
  2. output
  3. stakeKeyRegistration
  4. stakeDelegation
  5. withdrawal
  6. stakeKeyDeregistration

Can anyone please provide other types if I’m missing anything?

Pool registration/re-registration/re-registration
(Token minting)

Oh, Thanks!

Do you have any transaction example handy for it?

Sorry, let me clear here.

I don’t want to submit the transaction. I’ve to see such old transactions from explorer.

for minting:

for pool registering:

and you can add metadata to transactions…

FYI: Here is a diagram from the ledger specficiation showing how value moves in the Cardano ecosystem. Only the black lines show up as transactions. The blue lines are part of the epoch state transition that updates the value in the treasury etc after an epoch ends. The red lines are for the computation and distribution of rewards.

Preservation of value


It’s a masterpiece. :art:

Thank You!