Transfer ADA balance (Pledge) from Retired Pool into New Pool address

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If this topic is covered elsewhere please point me in the right direction. I have searched but could not find it or else I have not landed on the right keywords yet!

In summary, I have recently retired a stake pool and will be registering a new pool shortly. I’ve already received the old pool deposit back. I’d like to move the entire balance from the old pool into the new pools payment address. I’m familiar with creating simple transactions but wanted to know if there is a recommended approach to doing this?

In order words, is it possible to zero (0) out the balance from my old pool and move it entirely into the new one?

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You know that u can use same address/wallet right?

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As Alex said, it is possible to use the same address for the new stake pool.
But in case you already created the new pool using the new address, you can use my script here:

to transfer all funds from one address to another. You will also need this file: cardano-scripts/env at main · cardano-apexpool/cardano-scripts · GitHub configured with the right paths to the address and payment keys, and of course to comment the testnet lines and uncomment the mainnet lines at the beginning.
You will also want to delete the “–witness-override 3” line from the transaction file to spare a few lovelaces as transaction fees, and the line “–tx-in-script-file ${POLICY_PATH}/policy.script”.
Then you will need to sign and submit the transaction (you can inspire from the other files in the repo).

Thank you - You guys are awesome. @Alexd1985, I always enjoy reading your posts and have learned a lot through it. I was not aware that this could be done but will make sure to research this topic more thoroughly. @georgem1976 thank you so much, I will give this a try.

P.s. I can confirm that following the advice from George worked well and I was able to tailor his script to meet my needs. For anyone that reads this in the future please take note of Alex’s advice, but if you do find yourself my my situation then hopefully this post saves you some trouble.