Transfer help!

I have been trying to trying to transfer my ADA from Kraken to Coinbase Pro ! When I try to get the transfer code from Coinbase pro , I have not been unable to “copy and paste” the code ?? The coinbase code doesn’t work and I can’t seem to copy and paste the coinbase pro code !! Should be easy !! I must be missing something ??

Hi @WmThompson11,

using desktop or app?

Desktop !!

Ok, when you go to deposit, right top, select ada, you get a small window. At the top it shows the receiving ada address. At the end of the address you see two small squares. When you click those squares it will say “copied”. Then the address is in your clipboard and you can paste that address in kraken by right clicking the mouse.

Where does this go wrong? And if it does, what browser you using?

How do I get to the clipboard??

After you click the 2 boxes the address is in your computer’s clipboard memory. you can paste it somewhere (like in word or in an input field on a browser) bij pressing ctrl + V. or right clicking mouse on the location you want to paste and then select “paste”

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Well some of that worked !! Copied and pasted address to Kraken ! Got an email from Kraken to confirm and clicked it !! Kracken said they couldn’t confirm address ??

That is strange. What does Kraken’s message say exactly?
And by the way, if I may ask, why do you even want to move ada from kraken to coinbase?

Karcken says it can not approve address ! Problem seems to be that the address copied to my clipboard on Pro is not the same as the one that pastes on Kraken ! I spend almost a month trying to setup a 3rd party Etana with Kraken ! I’m 80 yrs old and just feel safer having all my crypto on one site which is easy to use ! It’s worth the peace of mind to pay a little more in fees to feel confortable in the crypto world that I really know little about outside of basics in spite of reading everyday !! Thanks for your help and interest !! Bill T. Moscow, Oh

As of right now, there is no way for me to get my assets from Kraken ! Back in Dec I had to transfer assets to Kraken in order to buy ADA !!

I understand Bill, no worries. Nobody is too old for crypto :slightly_smiling_face:. let’s see if we can find out why this doesn’t work.

From what I understand so far you want to move your ADA from Kraken to correct? if yes, read on:
You probably selected the wrong crypto in when copying the address. If you want to deposit ADA in your account then go to “portfolios”, “Deposit”, select “ADA”, select “Crypto address”, Press “I understand”, and now copy the shown wallet address. An ADA address starts with “addr1”, Now go to kraken, go to “funding” at the top, then press the “withdraw” button that is on the same line as your ada balance is showing. now paste the address there and it should work.