Transfer your Ada to suport Cardano

Every time we transfer we Support the network because the fees go to emurgo and they develop the network.
And by increasing the usage the network gets more transactions and that is seen as positive by investors.
So play around with your wallet and transfer funds around.
So i want to encourage also to take the Ada from the exchanges to schorten Supply.
So i took all off my Ada from exchanges and i was surprised one transaction was almost imediate.
Comparing with btc transactions i made last weeks wich took around one hour to be available ,it was completely amazing.

I get what you’re saying, but playing around with your wallet and transfer funds around isn’t the best advise now is it? Especially with all the hassle on this forum with wallet related issues and funds completely gone when making a transfer.

My addition would be to do that with very small amounts of ADA. Might even be a good thing to transfer something like 5 ADA around to get familiar with it.


[quote=“Rio_Fonzi, post:1, topic:21131”]
Every time we transfer we Support the network because the fees go to emurgo and they develop the network.

Yes and no
Yes because you would give usage to the ADA
No because fees ! Does not go to EMURGO nor to IOHK, the fees recollected in this era ( not decentralised! ) would be burn

After that once we are decentralised ( Shelly era ) the fees will be recollected yes to maintain the cardano ecosystem but not to EMURGO nor to IOHK

Then I think when Goguen or Basho era is when WE as community allocate those recollected fees in EMURGO, IOHK’ s project in a democratic way

Smart move, you should ALWAYS take your coin out of exchanges

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Another thing if everyone transfers some coins around ,(instead of letting them laying in wallet for month), the capability of the network is always tested ,and kept alive.
This is not pumping its more to schow that there are supporters and a strong comunity that likes its project.
And it would realy nice if we had an tiping System based on Ada for the forum.

@Rio_Fonzi the fees do not support Emurgo yet. Did you see the comment @ishleh made? The fees are burned right now. There is no point in generating false network activity.

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Its not false i for example instead of leaving the Ada on exchange put them on daedalus then when i trade transfer back.
And i mean transfering them to test the ability of the network as it is the only two usages now: playing around and trading.
Or Hodling but that is inaktiv.
Just some thoughts on how to suport the network as a user.