Transfering ADA rewards from Yoroi to external address

  1. How do I transfer ADA rewards from Yoroi to external address?

On the Yoroi chrome extension, I selected the send tab, entered the target address on an exchange, selected “Send All” and the transfer of all my ADA except for the rewards earned through delegation were successfully sent to the exchange within minutes.

  1. Once I learn how to include my rewards with my deposited ADA in a transfer to and external address, I am afraid I that the rewards are too small 1.074872 ADA to transfer. In order to retrieve that $.30 or so from my Yoroi wallet I will have to transfer my 149 ADA back to my Yoroi wallet then transfer the 149 + the 1.074872 ADA back to the exchange. Right or wrong?

Check this

On yoroi you need to withdraw your rewards first in order to use it… but you need enough ada in your wallet to pay the fee…

I expected that answer but, I don’t see the words “withdraw rewards” anywhere!

in dashboard menu, under total rewards there’s a light grey withdraw button

Thank you. I found the withdraw button. What is the minimum amount of reward in ADA that you need to be able to withdraw it?

As long in the wallet have ada for fee I think u should be able to withdraw all reward