Trezor T connected to Yoroi Wallet

have 1937 ADA in Yori staked currently. Now I try to send my balance 1837 ADA to my Daedalus wallet however when I try to enter the amount (any amount, be it 5 A or 1000 ADA…) of ADA to send it says “not enough amount to do this transaction”. Also, when I try to deregister my staked 1937 ADA it says same: “not enough amount to do this transaction”. What is going on? I had before a larger amount of ADA in Yoroi and could send it successfully to Daedalus. Now I wanted this amount 1937 ADA to send too but it created these red couloured error messages. It gave me about 1 ADA staking reward yesterday…

Issues with yoroi for the moment, have patience… if you have an emergency connect the trezor on

Hi Alex, I did connect my Trezor T to and the history correct however balance is 0 on Adalite. On Yoroi the balance is 1937 ADA and they are adding about 1 ADA every epoch as they are staked meaning these 1937 ADA are in the staking pool? Anyhow, I can not unstake them or send them as it says “not enough amount…”.
So how to solve this issue, please?

me again… I want to add that in Yoroi on the top right corner it says “wallet balance: 0.000… and earnings: 1937 ADA”.

In the middle screen section in Yoroi it says “Summary 1937 ADA and staked: 1937 ADA and totally delegated: 1937 ADA”.

In any case, how to get out these 1937 ADA meaning how to send my 1937 ADA earned by staking? They are there, no doubt about that… and they are mine, so I want to send them to another wallet…

as mentioned transaction history shows correct also in… so all is fine but I do want to send my 1937A!..

…update and solution found:

Yoroi does not work when balance is 0 to get the staking amount out.
Wallet balance must be larger than 0 in order to get unstaking process done, no matter how large your staked balance is…

Recommendation to Yoroi developers: make clear that situation and improve “total summary section of Yoroi page”. Currently it says under summary: total amount (1937ADA), staked amount (1937ADA), totally delegated amount (1937ADA) which is
correct but somewhat misleading… : first and foremost wallet balance for any unstaking and subsequently sending process must be larger than 0, in order to cover for the sending fee.

Yes, u are right, u can’t withdraw the rewards if u don’t have ada for fees