Trezor T Support for ADA

I have a Trezor Model T and use it with Yoroi. I have been waiting for MainNet, which will allow the Model T. But the Trezor T also allows pass phrases, effectively implementing confidential wallets.

My question: Will staking ‘dividends’ cope with pass phrases? If so, how? Alternatively, Yoroi now has multiple wallets. I have not used them yet, still having all my ADA in the one wallet. If I implement more wallets, can staking dividends be directed to another of them?

Much appreciate your support. Cheers

Sadly, no reply to my question. Um, does no-one have a clue?

Not I said the goose!

Yes, because the needed signing methods will run on the device itself and it knows how to handle the pass phrases.

Probably no, but I’m not 100% sure here but they are likely tied to the origin wallet.

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Thanks to all, including the goose!