Trivial Balance Discrepency

An address with 8 transactions received each shown correctly in the wallet and explorer but with the balance shown in both 0.2 less than adding the amounts with Windows calculator. Small potato I know but I’m curious if there’s a known issue or logical explanation.

Transaction costs?

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I presumed there was No Tx Fee on my end as these are 8 withdrawals from Binance to a fresh address in Daedalus with the individual Tx amounts appearing precisely as expected in Explorer and Daedalus and with the balance on that address tracking perfectly right up to the 8th Tx when the total in Explorer and Daedalus become 0.2 less than the total. I’m now re-thinking my assumption that the exchange paid the Tx Fee (my transactions appeared with a group of outputs) and an now thinking there’s some method for determining which Tx in a group of outputs picks-up the fee (although again, I assumed the Sender picks up the fee).