"True" random numbers from Cardano node using network entropy?

Does cardano-cli have any commands, or cardano-node any hooks that could be used without recompiling the software, to securely get a seedless random number based on whatever entropy is available in the Cardano network itself, rather than the system entropy?

I’m just curious in a general sense what is possible. It seems like the Cardano network would be a vast source of entropy, therefore maybe someday the world’s biggest and best quality random number generator.

I’m not sure if there is anything already integrated but I think this is a great option, https://www.realrandom.co/wp/.

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On reflection, I guess the hard theoretical problem of:

How do you accumulate entropy from the network as a whole?

… might not be as hard as the practical problem of:

How can you be sure, in a decentralised system, that the entropy delivered to one user isn’t also delivered to another?