Trust for daedelus on gnu/linux


I think any good crypto-currency holder, should care about security, which implies being suspicious about any external program, he installs and/or runs on his machine.

Few things about Daedelous, are really not good to give trust to the user when it comes to installing it on linux:

1- You have to run some weird command that gives on the machine who knows what privilege to regular users sudo sysctl -w kernel.unprivileged_userns_clone=1 without any more explainations of what it does.

2-The binary does a lot of things, and installs a bunch of things in a bunch of folder, without asking the user before, nor explaining it what it does what folder are created, and so on.

3-The binary should avoid at all costs downloading other software from the internet, as it seems to do. We don’t even know what it is, or if it is free software, if it is trustworthy and how to uninstall it.

4- An easy way should be given to uninstall everything that was installed.

5-Overall providing a deb package would be great, and would solve all the issues above, for debian-based distros users.

When I installed Deadelus I was disappointed about all that.


since Daedalus is developed by IOHK team the best way to get the things addressed is opening an issue directly in the repo:

Thank’s for the answer, done:

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