Trying to squeeze ada address a little further

Current we have very long Ada addresses, which is not very user-friendly and take more spaces in blockchain in the long run.
The rust version already fixes a big part of it by implementing BIP44 address hierarchy, so we can remove derivation path from address.
But I want to push it further to make it on par with bitcoin and ether’s address, the details are in this issue:

Current address: DdzFFzCqrhsx32JQQd7rKh85WTW8DqEghedsHB9Jv5Z86xKiuFFq9qcHWSyjo9bJwZgaHQoEbzdV1jSHPb1J6EQPHPx933dwHkv6aazr
Rust Version: Ae2tdPwUPEZKyArxpKiJu9qDf4yrBb8mJc6aNqiNi72NqRkJKTmCXHJqWVE
My Proposal: 12MM1pbyTk2WuZEnfiicX9gHF4YtFYL8ebUkr1hp