Unable to withdraw Staked ADA

I am trying to transfer Staked ADA from MELD6 account and on my Trezor it states “Change address staking rights do not match the current account staking key hash ******************* change current amount ********** ADA” As I click through above,
On the yoroi website it states that “Something unexpected happened. Please retry”.

It seems the trezor now is restoring another wallet … check the passphrase (from trezor settings) and try to connect on adalite.io … do u see the funds?

No I don not see funds via Adalite.
When I go to see my MELD rewards, I do see the correct staked amount and rewards being given.

Go inside the trezor settings… do u have the passphrase activated? If yes and u didn’t used when u created the wallet the try to deactivate it… if still not wirking it means u used a passphrase and u will need to remember and use it


Thanks so much, When I deactivated the PassPhrase in Trezor, It worked!, Thank you for all your help. Is there a way for me to update the Paraphrase in that account?

I think u must create a new wallet using passphrase and move the funds from this wallet to the new one… but u must bkp the passphrase very well… without the passphrase u will can’t access the funds…

and very imp… first time try with a small amount

Thanks so much for all your help!