Unable Withdraw Rewards from Yoroi

I am getting the following message when I attempt to withdraw my rewards. Anyone else? Of course I have rewards available.

Error while generating transaction.

Not enough funds to make this transaction.


Do u have ~0.3 ADA in the wallet for transactiom fee?

You need atleast 0,17 ADA in your wallet which arent rewards. You need them to pay for the transaction fee you have to pay if you withdraw rewards.

Yes I do, I have more than enough for the transaction fee.

hmm, I think someone else has this error :frowning: could be another issue with yoroi. I asked them on twitter, let’s wait or you can also open a case to yoroi team via app… not on telegram… just submit a case to them

I am newish so forgive me for this question.
I have let my rewards accumulate. Should I be withdrawing them and adding them into my available funds? Until this recent post I haven’t considered what the smart thing to do with the rewards is.

each time when you will withdraw the rewards you will pay a transaction fee ~0,2 ADA… better to withdraw them once/month or even more seldom… but it’s up to you how often you will want to withdraw

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I have the same error and no one helps. I am going to file a complaint with SEC and CPA

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