Unble to send ADA from payment address back to Daedalus


I have followed Coincashew’s guide on how to send fund back to Daedalus but when I get to “Send the signed transaction” it failed. I am not sure why, I have 707 ADA there and have calculated fee and everything but still fail. Could you please review the screenshot and let me know what I did wrong?

Hi - seems ok… can try to leave 1 ADA in your payment addr?

I just did and it still giving me the same “Shelley command failed…”

The error says output too small. Have you put in the right calculations? You may be trying to transfer more than you have? (did you discount the fee?)

You and @laplasz are absolutely correct, when I leave the output 1ADA or more then it takes it. I thought when I setup the output equal to 0 or more then it would be fine but obviously I was wrong. Thank you all for your input.


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