Understanding the structure of Cardano ecosystem

Does anybody know where I can find an explanation of why there is a separate Cardano Foundation, and why the development and promotion of the actual blockchain isn’t just consolidated into a single entity?

Is the idea that this somehow decentralizes the development initiatives? If the blockchain itself is designed to be decentralized with it’s own governing, this idea doesn’t make very much sense to me.

I keep seeing this structure of Foundation + Corporation + Related entities across various cryptocurrency initiatives, but I don’t quite understand why they’re doing all following this method.

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IOG is just a contractor. It works on other projects and quite likely will end its work on Cardano at some point, though probably not for several years at least. CF mainly does a different job (though there has been a lot of overlap at times), is dedicated solely to Cardano, and is intended to keep doing it (even if radically transformed, eg into a DAO) as long as Cardano exists.

Search YouTube. There are lots of videos that discuss the roles of IOG, CF and Emergo.

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