Unknown IPs trying port 443 on my producer

Hi Cardanians,
Not an issue as those IPs aren’t bothering me but I’m wondering what are those incoming IPs on port 443 ?

What is the purpose of testing 443? is it a bot, is it a server measuring up time of my node?
Do you also have those type of IPs trying to reach your producer?
( use command netstat -tn 2>/dev/null )

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443 is the port for HTTPS

the question is … u didn’t blocked all ports except ssh, cnode port, etc on firewall?

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Hey @Alexd1985
First of all, a big SHOUT to you for everything you do here :slight_smile:
I know it is https, Im just wondering why someone would bother connect to my server?
Are those just bots?

they can be bots, that’s why u need to block all other unused ports on firewall

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Yes, port that I dont use are indeed all blocked.
Its trying to connect but status is TIME_WAIT.
I had the impression that a bot trying 443 is a king of ping to check if the server is alive?
I mean, does it happen on yours for instance, do you also see those type of bots?

Let me check, wait

I have no 443 outputs … try on check signal site if u see the port 443 opened for ur node

Hey stiiiif,

Do you have any process running in the block producer machine that is using the port 443? you can run netstat -nap | grep 443 to see that, maybe you gonna need to run sudo apt install net-tools.
Don’t forget to block all ports to the external world in the block producer, only the relay should have access to the BP.

If the port is open to the internet, you can expect hits in your webserver scanning your application trying to find vulnerabilities.

the port 443 is closed
no process running on 443
The security is not my concern, I know it is secure.
I’m just curious about why scanning 443 on a server is useful.