Unmineable...Is this a scam? I earned .01 ADA in one day. Gone?

i was using xmrig, daedalus and unmineable…The program was terribly slow to sync and then the .01 ADA I earned vanished.

I added the referral fee to the XMrig coding.

So which company is shady?
Daedalus? XMrig? or Unmineable? This is very odd to me.
I have money to purchase ADA…I am techy enough I thought it would be worth it? I guess not?
Cardano is supposed to be the hot new thing.

As far as I know u can’t mine ADA. The only way to earn ADA is to delegate them to a pool from daedalus delegation center


The way Unmineable works is that it uses your GPU or CPU to mine Etherium or Monero (and a few other coins) Then once you mine those coins it will swap them for coin you chose to get (“mine”). In this case you chose ADA.
You can’t transfer less then 1 ADA at the moment.
MinADA - Copy

However, some swaps didn’t update this and Unmineable probably doesn’t have custodian wallet for ADA. So, your swap didn’t go through and your originally mined coins may be lost or burned or in Unmineable wallets or maybe you have Eth or XMR wallet on Unmineable you can check.
As Alexd1985 mentioned, the only way to actually earn ADA is by staking your ADA to a Stake Pool. No need to waste your electricity to get ADA. By the way 0.01 ADA in worth $0.017 USD and lowest cost of electricity in the world is $0.03 USD. So, assuming that your power supply for your computer is 500W if it took you longer then 71 minutes to mine that ADA you lost money. If you live in North America that number is 9 minutes to 22 minutes, depends on state/ country. In most of the Euro zone that would be 5 minutes… and so on.
As for what’s shady or not?
Daedalus is legit if you got it from official web site. Here: https://daedaluswallet.io/en/download/
you can use Kleopatra to verify your download.
Also, you should not be using any computer with crypto-mining software on the same computer as your wallets.

Hope this helps :smiley:


Well I have solar anyway.
So out of curiosity…I just wanted to get started.
Thanks for the tips about using a wallet on a different computer.
Have a lovely day Neo_Spank

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