[Upbit exchange Notice] Incentivized Testnet ADA Payout Application Guide (deadline : 4/15)**

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[Notice] Incentivized Testnet ADA Payout Application Guide (deadline : 4/15)

Dear Upbit users,

On November 29th of 2019, ADA launched the Incentive Testnet, based on the snapshot (2019-11-29 21:00:00, KST), ADA foundation issued testnet ADA to the members who held ADA in the testnet wallet (DAEDALUS or Yoroi)

[Information on Incentive Testnet]

The ADA Deposit/Withdrawal service was suspended at the time due to the wallet system change. Thus, Upbit personnel had continuously discussed how to give out the testnet ADA with the ADA team for the members who wanted to participate in the incentive testnet at that time, and through discussions with ADA Team, we were able to give out the testnet ADA to the Upbit members who had the ADA at the time of snapshot.
Detailed Incentive Testnet ADA application method and eligibilities are described below.
*The Incentive Testnet ADA is available only on the Incentive Testnet and may only be received on the Testnet Wallet (DAEDALUS or Yoroi).
*Among the members eligible for Incentive Testneet ADA, Testnet ADA will only be given out to the members who apply for them.


  • Snapshot Timeline : 2019-11-29 21:00:00 (KST)
  • Eligible member : Members who held more than 1 ADA in their Upbit account at the time of snapshot
  • Payout ratio : Testnet ADA payout ratio is set at 1:1
    *We will send a email to eligible members, and testnet ADA pays up to the sixth decimal point.

[How to apply?]
① Install either DAEDALUS or Yoroi to confirm the wallet’s deposit address
. Guide to Testnet Wallet and Installation page : https://staking.cardano.org/delegation/
. Incentive Testnet ADA can only be received via DAEDALUS or Yoroi, which is shown on the installation page above.

② Upbit login > Customer Center > 1:1 enquiry > General > Select, “Apply for Testnet ADA”

③ For 1:1 enquiry, enter the DAEDALUS or Yoroi deposit address as identified in proecuedure ①
*Please be sure to enter the address of DAEDALUS or Yoroi. If the deposit address does not belong to either one of the wallets idnetified, your Testnet ADA will not be given out.

[Payout schedule and deadline]

  • Payout schedule : every Thursday (Application turned in prior to Wednesday midnight will be reflected on the following day payout)
  • Deadline : 2020-04-15 23:59:59
    . The first payout timeline : 2020-03-26
    . The last payout timeline : 2020-04-16
    *You will receive a Testnet ADA based on the application details within the payout deadline. We can’t pay you when the deadline expires, so please make sure to apply within the timeline.

[Caution regarding Incentive Testnet Payout]

  • Among the eligible members, only members who apply for the payout will be eligible for the Incentive Testnet ADA.
  • When applying, you must install a Testnet wallet (DAEDALUS or Yoroi) that supports the Incetive Testnet ADA and confirm the deposit address.
  • When applying for payout, you must enter the deposit address of DAEDALUS or Yoroi accurately. Testnet ADA will not be given if deposit address is entered incorrectly.
  • The Incentive Testnet payout is carried out in collaboration with the ADA Team.