Update and reinstall problems

So I done the automatic update was working good.

Then went to load wallet this morning and got stuck on 99.25%

I uninstalled the wallet and reinstalled from website.

No it just stuck on 0%

I’m on win 10.

Was a complete new install.

I’d say keep trying. If you can switch ISPs, for instance to a mobile network, that might help. Also you could try using a VPN, there are free ones and free trials of paid-for ones and they’re not difficult to set up. As a last resort you could delete the %APPDATA%/Daedalus/DB-1.0 folder (again?), or install on a different computer. Version 1.4, due in October (though I think I saw September mentioned somewhere) has more fixes.

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Yes going to delete app data. Any idea on many GB in app data. 1 million so far :laughing:

8-12 GB, 1.3-1.4 million files.

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Mine is on 1.5 million files deleted but only 749mb