Si lo hice. Lo voy a descargar de nuevo usando si guia

@Alexd1985 you are a real hero!!!

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I just upgraded to v1.29.0 and via pool.vet I see the following:

It looks like 1 relay node is reachable and not reachable at the same time? I checked topologyUpdater.sh and couldn’t find anything. In this link I can see the IP of the relay: topologyUpdater

What could be going wrong here?

Check the logs for topology_updater

What is the last message?

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@Alexd1985 : Thank you sir!

Yes! That was it. I launched the services again with ‘deploy-as-systemd.sh’ and that solved it. I can see the timers now with ‘systemctl list-timers --all’. Node is now onboarding in topologyUpdater. Thanks!

My issue was resolved simply by giving the node more time to start up for the first time after the update to 1.29.0. Everything is running great and we produced a block last night. Thanks for all of your help @Alexd1985


what is the best home server configuration with a xeon? and memory for the future?

Hi all, I seen to be missing the cabal-build-all.sh files from both my nodes? How can I get them?

don’t you have the file inside scripts folder?

Hi Alex, thanks for sharing the update process. For some reason I get stuck here, when running

echo -e "package cardano-crypto-praos\n  flags: -external-libsodium-vrf" > cabal.project.local


$CNODE_HOME/scripts/cabal-build-all.sh -l

No it’s missing for some reason …

Ooo u must wait… it will take a while

Run again prereqs.sh

cd ~/tmp
./prereqs.sh -f

I don’t seem to have the tmp directory either??

Thanks Alex, do you know why I’m getting this…empty reply from server

Did u ran the command with -l ?

$CNODE_HOME/scripts/cabal-build-all.sh -l

I did indeed, this happened with both with the -l and also using the original version you posted, with the echo line.

Did I have to update the scripts in the scripts folder before running the command?

Did u ran prereqs first?

ahh, no let me try that