Update from Yoroi 1.9

Hi, all.

I’m trying to help a friend get their Ada staked. They have an old Yoroi wallet version 1.9 to be exact. Will it auto update or should I uninstall it and install the newest version?


Hey @Donnybaseball

Usually it should update automaticly if everything is set correctly. However 1.9 seems pretty old :sweat_smile: I’d recommand your friend to remove the extension and download it again from the offical website and then restore the wallet with his seed. To make sure he got the correct seed, id try to restore it on Adalite.io first before uninstalling Yoroi.


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Thank you!

Edit: as a follow up Yoroi did auto update. The original wallet was a Byron wallet so I created a new Shelley wallet and transferred the funds from the Byron to the Shelley wallet to start staking.

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