Upgrade VPS at a later date

How intensive is the process to upgrade a stake pool to more capable cloud servers? To optimize their spending lets say a pool starts up with minimum spec’d VM’s on google cloud or AWS or whatever e.g. 2 cpu, 8g ram, 25GB SSD.
Then later if they start becoming profitable and the network grows the pool operators want to upgrade their block producers and relays to more future proof specs.
Can you do with with some clicks in the cloud providers control panel or do you have to procure all new VM’s and build all new nodes on them, then shut down the old servers?

Nope, vps server will be upgraded very easy and fast by the provider… basically they reconfigure the HW specs for ur servers and restart them…

I did few times in the past

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That’s cool. So I can just go to the control panel and say ok double the specs on this VM and the provider takes care of it?

Exactly, in my case was exactly how u described above… and I did with 2 different providers…

PS: u can’t specify the hw, u will need to choose the next plan offered by them

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